Norwegen der Länge nach – 3000 Kilometer zu Fuß bis zum Nordkap

Michalowicz, Simon. Norwegen der Länge nach – 3000 Kilometer zu Fuß bis zum Nordkap. 2015. München/Berlin, Piper Verlag GmbH.

When preparing the TOUR and deciding to walk first in direction of north and through Norway this book is probably almost something like a classic to read in Germany.

Somehow, however, I read many other books first and only encountered this book again in Hattfjelldal in Norway.

Here I met Manuela from Switzerland, who was inspired to go north a few years ago as a result of this book.

It was exciting for me, now that I had already done part of my route, to read this book on my rest day. Of course, some of our experiences were very different due to different routes, seasons and mentality, but it also explained some things to me.

At Namsvatnet (where I have been a few days before), for example, a few local residents told me that I was probably one of the few people from Germany who had hiked around the lake. They didn’t know why, but somehow all Germans wanted to go by boat.

According to the book, it is almost impossible to hike through the swampy area around the lake and the boat makes more sense…

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