Joar Nango

Installation view at Lorck Schive Kunstpris 2023 at Trondheim Kunstmuseum. (4th of June 2023, passing by during the TOUR) Joar Nango (b. 1979) is a Sámi-Norwegian artist and architect. Nango’s work inhabits the frontier of architecture, design and art, exploring issues of native identity through the contradictions in contemporary architecture and the built environment. His […]

Norwegen der Länge nach – 3000 Kilometer zu Fuß bis zum Nordkap

Michalowicz, Simon. Norwegen der Länge nach – 3000 Kilometer zu Fuß bis zum Nordkap. 2015. München/Berlin, Piper Verlag GmbH. When preparing the TOUR and deciding to walk first in direction of north and through Norway this book is probably almost something like a classic to read in Germany. Somehow, however, I read many other books […]

Fram Museum

When walking through Oslo during the TOUR I visited the “Fram Museum”. Here the original boat – the Fram – that Fridtjof Nansen planned and used for his expeditions is exhibited next to a huge amount of items that he invented or used. The museum gives a lot of information in texts and pictures, but […]


When walking through Northern Finnland during the TOUR I visited Reijo Raekallio. I mostly knew his humorous drawings from newspapers, but now got to know his paintings of reindeer, trees and the coming together of people with nature – very often dancing together.Next to his studio and living space he built a gallery space with […]

The Longest Walk

When resting a bit in Mo i Rana during the TOUR I met my host Andrew. He hiked from west to east through the US some years ago and when talking about his experiences back then he showed me a book, that was important for him – next to maps that he has been using, […]

Forum-Amundsen Haus

Before I hiked into Oslo during the TOUR, I visited the Amundsen House in Svartskog. The explorer Roald Amundsen lived and worked here until his death. After being used for other purposes for some years, the person Roald Amundsen is now being researched there on the basis of his house. Today it is possible to visit […]

The Institute of Queer Ecology

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) was founded by the artist Lee Pivnik in 2017 and is co-directed by the artist, evolutionary biologist and dancer Nicolas Baird. IQECO is a collaborative organism that seeks to bring periphal solutions to enviromental degregation to the forefront of public consiousness. So far the IQECO has worked with more […]

Randulf Valle / Podkasten Uteliv

Coming from a background as a natural scientist and researcher, Randulf Valle tries to use this knowledge when dealing with topics such as outdoor equipment, hiking techniques and body response in one of his many articles or books. Since 2019 he talks with different guests about their relation to outdoor tours, hunting and fishing as […]

Wilderness art collective

The Wilderniss Art Collective is a non-profit organization run by a group of artists, explorers and enviromentalists and discusses the natural world.   «Founded in 2018, the Collective’s goals are to highlight the plight of the world’s wildernesses and wildlife; to act as a space for discussion about our interaction with the environment; to encourage […]

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