Rune and Ulla Falck

Rune and Ulla Falck are an outdoor passionate couple going and documenting their different tours since many years by making little videos. These videos are a personal way to remember nice trips for them and to show their passion mainly to friends and family. Still over the years a big collection grew. We met in […]

Jorden runt på 1000 dagar

Ek, Fredrika. 2019. Jorden runt på 1000 dagar. Stockholm, Gawell Förlag. [Recommended by Ulla and Rune Falck]

Det Tredie Testamente

Martinus. 1985. Det Tredie Testamente, Livets Bog VII. Gylling, Narayana Press. [Recommended for the FORUM by Aurin und Sanna, hosts in Nyborg]

Expedition Arktis

Horvath, Esther. 2020. Expedition Arktis, Die größte Forschungsreise aller Zeiten. München, Prestel Verlag.


de l´Horizon, Kim. 2022. Blutbuch. Köln, DuMont Buchverlag.


Hamsun, Knut. (1894) 2009. Pan. Zürich, Manesse Verlag.

Frozen Latitudes

Ruhsam, Christoph. 2018. Frozen Latitudes. Berlin, seltmann + söhne.

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